JULY 28th-30th, 2017 • NEW YORK CITY


We want you to be a working artist

And we all know by now that any artist who wants to “work” needs to be versed in “business.” That sounds smart, but how do you actually do that?

You could take an economics or small business course, but the principles aren’t tailored to freelance artists. You could go take a 10 Steps to Becoming a Successful [fill in your discipline of choice] class, but these are usually outdated and impersonal. You could listen to what everyone is “telling you to do,” but that’s usually conflicting, confusing, and disheartening.

You need a different approach. An approach that, if you choose to learn it, will set you ahead of 99% of other graduates out there.


A 3-day training intensive that empowers recently graduated artists with the approach, mindset,
and entrepreneurial skill-set to launch and sustain an artistic career in the 21st century.

The Artist Entrepreneur isn’t...
• Just “tips” and “advice.”
• Basic info covered in your “business of the business” class in your senior year of college.

The Artist Entrepreneur is...
• Training your mind and setting up a business like an entrepreneur, so that you can sustain the career your artist is meant to have.
• Gaining a community of like-minded colleagues at the start of your career, who are whole-heartedly in support of your success and development.
• Being guided by experts who know the ins and outs of the potent intersection between art and business.
What happens when we empower you with the entrepreneurial skill set needed to succeed in the digital age?

Our hunch? You’ll be unstoppable.

Come in: A talented artist with big dreams
Leave: A talented artist entrepreneur with the
business savvy to make those big dreams a reality



In one highly interactive and transformative weekend led by a team of artist entrepreneurship experts, you will create an individualized business foundation that supports and empowers the art you were born to make.

Disrupting the “starving artist” model, you will learn to approach your career from a position of leadership and innovation by leveraging your creativity and artistry with best practices and principles from the field of entrepreneurship.

The opposite of a one-size fits all business plan, you are given a highly-strategic, step-by-step, proven process to actualize and sustain their highest career aspirations.

The Result? You leave empowered to create professional success on your own terms.

Q: Who is Artist Entrepreneur for?
A: Artists of all disciplines, 0-2 years out of training



  • Learn the 10 key principles of the Artist Entrepreneur
  • Define your values, purpose, and mission to discover where your passion intersects with the world, and how to develop a big picture vision for your creative career
  • Reverse engineer your visions through creative-goal setting and step-by-step action planning, learning how to achieve your goals through an incremental and manageable process
  • Implement personalized weekly and daily systems, ensuring that your highly strategic daily actions are in direct support of your biggest and boldest creative dreams
  • Ignite your goals through foundational principles of networking and marketing, learning how to authentically and consistently grow powerful professional networks, and strategize and optimize your in-person and online communication with the industry
  • Create a plan for digital marketing
  • Learn the basics of finance management

Ideas without action are worthless.

The Artist Entrepreneur ensures that you have an accountability plan moving forward, because we know that’s how you’ll stay successful.

After leaving the Artist Entrepreneur, students will:

  • Receive one session with their coach from the workshop
  • Have the opportunity to join a special mastermind group for continued support
  • Be part of an Artist Entrepreneur digital community

Plus, every student will receive access to the Artist Entrepreneur bonus toolkit, including materials and resources on:

  • finances and cash flow
  • taxes for artist entrepreneurs
  • "day jobs"
  • social media strategy
  • websites
  • Rolodex of top coaches, teachers, and experts
  • cover letters and email templates
  • in-person professional communication
  • self-producing and crowd-funding
  • networking resources