Hey everyone! Welcome to the official Capes Coaching blog! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Betsy Capes, the founder and president of Capes Coaching, a career coaching company for actors, artists, and creative professionals of every kind. If you'd like the whole scoop on me, you can read the long version of my bio here; for everyone else, I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version.

Betsy CapesI began my career in the entertainment industry over a decade ago in the casting department at Manhattan Theatre Club, in addition to directing theatre in New York City. During that time, I also began coaching actors on the side, figuring that my "other side of the table" knowledge could benefit actors in their auditions. What I began to see on a consistent basis was that the majority of actors I was coaching were focusing 100% of their energy on their craft, leaving the business side of their career virtually neglected. This made for a lot of talented artists feeling lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated, all because they had never taken the time to hone their business skills. Feeling compelled to support these artists and change the perception that success is based solely on talent, I focused my attention on career coaching -- essentially, everything BUT the craft. That's how Capes Coaching was born.

In the seven years since, I've coached over 2,500 artists from every corner of every medium. Through one-on-one coaching, master classes on every essential topic from marketing and networking, to time management and life/career balance, and the Path Class (our very successful class focusing on goal setting and planning), I've refined my techniques and tools to meet the needs and address the patterns that consistently come up in the coaching room. And in that time, here's what I've learned: I absolutely LOVE what I do...and I can do more.

Sunset over New York City 1932

At the risk of stating the obvious, New York is a big city. Huge. But, it ain't the center of the universe (contrary to popular belief). I began to realize that there were thousands (possibly millions) of artists out there who were missing out on everything we were doing at Capes Coaching simply because they didn't live in New York. So, we decided to take everything that we knew, put it all into one complete package, and bring the classroom and coaching experience to everyone, everywhere. That's how Artists In Action was born, and I can't tell you how excited we are about it!

From the very beginning, we've known that each artist has unique needs and faces challenges specific to them and their situation -- there's no one-size-fits-all solution, no magic pill. So we've created a program that will give you the tools and a process for figuring out who you are, what you want, and how to get it. Rather than giving you a so-called "formula for success", Artists In Action helps you create a career plan that's tailor-made for you, by you. It's a radically different way of approaching your career from the inside out.

Which brings us to this blog.

We're going national (even global) for the first time and we know that a lot of you don't know who we are. So, this is our way of introducing ourselves, sharing our experience and knowledge, and letting you get to know us. I'm going to be touching upon everything in the Artists In Action program -- goals, time management, marketing, networking, inner balance, and more -- and I'm also going to bring real stories from the coaching room and from my own personal industry experiences. While we undoubtedly want to spread the word about a product that we wholeheartedly believe in, this is more about supporting the artistic community and helping to shape a new kind of informed and educated artist. We're going to be giving away a lot of great curriculum and tools here.

On the flip side, this isn't a one-way street -- we want to get to know you, also. We want you to share your experiences and stories with us in the hopes that, together, we can build a community that engages with and supports one another. Believe me, I've learned just as much from the artists I've coached as they have from me, and I look forward to continuing that experience with all of you. So, go ahead and introduce yourself in the comments, and come back soon, because we've got a lot of to talk about!