Featured Artist In Action: Erin Stutland

Erin Stutland, our latest Featured Artist In Action, is an absolute powerhouse of energy. Seriously, the girl has an unlimited source of enthusiasm and go-get-'em spirit, which anyone who has taken one of her Shrink Session or Air In Sculpt classes can attest to. Outside of her work as a body/mind trainer in New York City, she also writes, produces, and stars in a successful series of inspirational, how-to web videos (and is an actress, on top of it all). Let's let Erin do her thing and give us the scoop on how she's making it happen.

1) When you first started working with Capes Coaching, what were your goals?

I have taken the Path class two different times. My goals were quite difference each time, which is a testament to the work. It applies no matter where you are or what you are working on... so long as you work it.

The first round of the Path was all about writing and performing my one woman show and securing new representation. I accomplished both of these. Sold out my one woman show to rave reviews and landed a new manager.

The second round was even more profound, because my goals were not just about working as an actor/writer but about building my own business as a teacher/trainer/coach. To put it concretely (which I can do since I have a notebook where my very clear goals are written;) my plan was to:

  1. Act in, write or produce 15 projects varying in size over the course of the year.
  2. Grow SHRINK SESSION (a workout that combines martial arts, dance, yoga + positive psychology with group coaching) to at least 30 participants on a monthly basis.

2) What have you accomplished since then?

Both of these goals were accomplished. Very cool, right? However, along the way, a few things shifted. It became more clear that I could expand what I was doing with SHRINK SESSION to one on one coaching and training. I could use my creativity and hustle in other ways than just acting and writing. I could make a difference in other people lives. And make some money while doing it. Even cooler.

3) What has been your biggest career challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge at the time was time management. Being an artist and creative person, I really enjoy a schedule that flows. I definitely like to get shit done, but making the time to get everything done, while also having a personal life is a tricky thing. Strangely, the more exciting the goals were (thanks to Betsy!) the more clear my focus became, the easier it got to manage my time.

4) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out?

I learned to say NO to stuff that wasn't directly in line with what I wanted, which allowed me to say YES to more things that were in line.

Here is what is hard about being a creative professional: There really is not ONE way to do things. There is not one way to market, network, produce work, get work, get an agent, get a tv show. But what I have learned is that the BEST way to do any of these things is to do it YOUR way. The way that feels authentic and right for you. The moments where you step out of integrity with who you are and what YOU are meant to do in this world is the moment that confusion and doubt rush in.

That said, I think it is absolutely imperative to have the support of a coach who can help you clarify YOUR vision and hold you accountable, remind you who you are and reflect it back to you on a regular basis. The business won't do that for you and often your friends can't. Having an outside person who is skilled, intuitive and supportive is key.

5) What are you currently working on?

These days, I am busier than I have ever imagined and I have to craft my time carefully, only filling it with things I really want to do.

I channel my creativity, love for performance and spiritual development into my coaching and training programs. I write and produce my own videos that give fun and easy to follow "how to's" on everything from "how to get 6 pack abs" to "getting over a slump" (you can see these videos in this blog post). I get to be playful, I get to be helpful and most importantly, I get to do it on my terms.

6) Anything else you feel like sharing?

Capes Coaching is all about empowering you. They helped me get clear on creating a unique way to help people get in shape, dig their bodies while also training their minds to be mega powerful — which produces lasting confidence and lasting change.

Of course, the key is to lead by example, which is what I am always trying to do. Be real. Be creative. Be generous. Be kind. Keep moving and life throws a ton of good stuff your way.