Hello 2012!

Happy New Year! It’s my pleasure to welcome you back – I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to get some down time in, no matter how briefly. I’m sure you’re all revved up and ready to sprint into 2012, right? Time to roar out of the gate and just go go go like there’s no tomorrow! Ehhh…not so fast. The thing about the beginning of the year is that we usually swing into it with a lot excitement and some pretty high expectations. And I think it’s great to be excited about a fresh start and motivated to make the most of life. But, January 1st can also come with a little bit of pressure. You know what I’m talking about if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by everything you just heaped onto your aspirational plate at the end of the 2011. There’s so much you WANT to do, but when it comes to actually making those aspirations a reality you start to wonder if your eyes weren’t a little too big for your stomach.

Even HE can't do everything at once. Patience can be your superpower.

Even HE can't do everything at once. Patience can be your superpower.

Thinking big is great, even necessary. But, rushing to make everything happen is not. In fact, it’s a quick way to self-sabotage. The solution? Ease into 2012. I know, I know – you’ve got ALL THIS ENERGY and you want to capitalize on it! And I agree: you SHOULD capitalize on it. But do so smartly. At this time of year we’re in danger of making hasty and rash decisions based purely on adrenaline and a rush of optimism. The challenge is to keep the adrenaline and optimism while slowing down to take everything in before making decisions.

This is all about being informed – awareness before action. By taking your time to think things through and weighing your options, you can turn your excitement into progress. Additionally, you’ll save yourself a lot of angst and anxiety when you start to realize that you can’t possibly squeeze everything you want to do into the narrow pipeline of time that you actually have to work with. So, in a way, this is also about balance – balancing the lofty with the practical. I never want you to feel that you have to sacrifice the former for the latter. But learning how to balance the two will make the journey that much more easier and enjoyable. I think that’s something we can all be on board with, right?

So, in the next few weeks, instead of diving into the deep end of the pool, why not wade in and test the waters, first? Get a feel for things and then take the plunge once you’ve got your bearings. Instead of being overwhelmed, you’ll feel in control, and that’s the best way to go after all that you want — with enthusiasm and confidence!