Embracing vulnerability

Valentine’s Day is here, and whether you have a significant other in your life or you’re single, whether you love the holiday or just can’t stand it — no matter what you have going on in your life — I have a gift that I think will have a major impact on you. It’s a TED Talk (my absolute favorite!) by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability.

The first time I saw this I was absolutely bowled over. It hit me in the deepest way possible and I wanted to share it with those closest to me. I think one of the reasons that it moved me so much was that I deal with human vulnerability every day in my job as a coach. Whether I’m doing one-on-one private coaching, teaching a Path Class on goal setting, or speaking to a group of artists about their careers, one thing is always present: vulnerability.

Think about it: this is a tough business with no guarantees. People put their hopes and dreams on the line every day with no assurances of success; they bare their souls in the form of auditions, novels, music gigs, art exhibits, stage performances — you name it — and put the fruits of their creative labor into the hands of strangers. Trust me, it’s a pretty amazing thing to witness over and over again.

So, for those of you who find the courage every day to put yourselves out there and aim for the horizon, consider this video a testament to all that you do. Whether or not you’re down with Valentine’s Day, this is a message from the heart that I think you’ll love.