It's so easy!

This was my big epiphany a few days ago when I was running outside in the rain: It's SO easy. I was halfway through my run when a woman who was clearly lost asked me for directions. For a quick moment, I was like: "Ugh! I am in the middle of a great song. I have to stop my music, stop my run, stop my flow…" But, then I did just that. I got out of myself for a moment to help this woman get to where she was going. And you know what? She was so grateful. Plus, it took less than a minute!

Lionel Richie may be "easy like Sunday morning," but the Giving Challenge is even easier!
Lionel Richie may be "easy like Sunday morning," but the Giving Challenge is even easier!

Does that count for the giving challenge? Hells yeah! I GAVE this woman directions to where she was going. I stepped outside of myself to do something for someone else. These gifts exist in mere moments, but let's acknowledge them! Of course, there have been other days of the challenge where I look for opportunities to give, like giving a donation, or paying for someone's meal or coffee. What I am noticing is that, regardless of the size of the gift, I feel like I am giving a little something to myself with each gift I give to someone else. And then my whole day gets even better! Anyone else noticing that too?

Keep sharing your gifts here in the comments section of this blog to help each other along with the challenge. We're just about two weeks into it now, and this is exactly around the time that the excitement of the challenge might start to wear off and slip to the sidelines if we're not careful. Just remember that IT'S SO EASY to give one thing, to one person, once a day. Don't make this challenge too much of a challenge, if you know what I mean ;) Also, if you find that you get to the end of the day and can log more than one gift, that's great! You can bank those gifts for the days that you may not give anything. And for those of you reading this who may not be participating YET, it's not too late to get in on the challenge — you just need to give enough to get caught up (but it's definitely possible!). Most importantly, I hope you continue to enjoy giving and notice how it makes you feel each day when you do something generous for someone else. Nothing quite like it, I say!

So get back to it! And remember: It can take less than a minute to do something that could really make a difference. Can't wait to hear from more of you soon!!