Where the Path May Lead: A Second Season of Acclaimed Comedy Central Hit, Broad City

In Season 1, they brought us bug bombs, adult babies, and degenerate subway behavior. Season 2 begins today, and we can’t wait to see what wonderfully weird antics writers Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have thought up this time. Following Their Path to Laudable Success

The NY Times calls Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” “an absurdist, slapstick look at two women scraping by in New York.” We’re inclined to agree with that assessment, but why are we talking about it here, on the Capes Coaching blog?

We couldn’t be more delighted to share that Ilana and Abbi, who write and star in “Broad City,” are both alumni of our flagship service: The Path Course!

It Started Small, and Grew

Just about one a year ago, nearly to the day, we promoted the first season of "Broad City" here on the Capes Coaching blog, with an interview with the girls. They were preparing to launch Season 1 at the time, before it became a hit series!

Get in On The Action

If you're curious about the Capes Coaching Course both girls took, read more about The Path on our website. We hope for the opportunity to help you find your own path.

We Can't Wait for Season 2

We wish our two super-funny clients the very best of luck with their second season of Broad City. We plan to watch every minute! (Season 1 killed us. They're hysterical.)