Featured Artist In Action: Rachid Sabitri

Rachid Sabitri

It's time to introduce you to another Featured Artists in Action: actor Rachid Sabitri, who's been on quite a roll lately (you may have seen him recently on Homeland). Rachid is one of those clients who has remained fully committed to his goals the entire time we've worked together — from the time he took my class a few years ago, through the private coaching that we're doing now. When he came to coaching, we set up an accountability plan and he took it seriously, showing up for himself and his goals every single week of the year, regardless of what was going on. He's works as hard going after his goals as he does his craft, and this commitment has helped him reach the next level of his career. Let's listen to what he has to say about this experience...

What initially brought you to Private Coaching?

I had taken the Path Course and found it to be a new and interesting way of working towards my goals.

What goals did you set in your Private Coaching work?

My primary goal was to have have representation in London, NYC and LA, so I could truly be a tri-coastal actor. That all in lieu of making my sole living (over $70,000 a year) as an actor in a mix of film/TV and high calibre theatre. I also had a second track, which was a writer/producer and getting a particular project sold. My final track was an online business to help me achieve my yearly financial goal.

Can you talk about what your career path has been like since you started coaching?

It's been great — I feel like I set a rather large goal, which some may have said was unrealistic, but what the coaching has allowed me to do is focus on the immediate goals in front of me rather than the larger picture. Once those start to add up, you start to see larger results and the confidence starts to snow ball. Having someone objective and non-emotionally attached just looking over my shoulder at my yearly, monthly and weekly actions has been the thing I've enjoyed the most.

A good example of how my Path works would be back in March, Betsy and I met to discuss where I was in my career. I had some strong credits but a lot of them were several years old, and I had no representation in the US and someone I wasn't particulaly interested in repping me in London. There were loads of ups and downs that I don't want to bore you with, but whereas in the past the downs would get me down and ruin any momentum, I always had trust in the bigger picture and complete focus on the immediate goals.

I returned to New York in October with three agents, one of the largest bi-coastal agencies, a big management firm in LA, and still with that UK agent. Like I eluded to earlier, that meant more auditions and opportunities, landing a recurring guest spot on Homeland; a guest spot on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders; a play in London; and a role in the upcoming West End musical of Disney's Aladdin. I still haven't got my film role, but I'm in a position now where I'm making my sole living from my acting work.

Rachid Sabitri (r) with Alireza Bayram (l) in Homeland. © Showtime
Rachid Sabitri (r) with Alireza Bayram (l) in Homeland. © Showtime

Was there anything about the coaching experience that surprised you?

It's actually quite simple at it's core, which I found surprising. Because of that, it's really productive and not just a bunch of to-do lists that are never ending and lead nowhere. Once the tracks are built, it's only inevitable you'll reach your destination — that was the biggest surprise.

How would you explain the coaching process (from your POV) to someone who isn’t familiar with it?

I would say that, in the creative world, it's difficult to be organized and strategic. I think coaching has helped me plan my days and weeks to be really productive, and having a coach has helped me by holding me accountable to that. It's also helped me distinguish between what's important and what's not, so I can prioritize on what needs focus at any time.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your career?

I mentioned some of my recent credits above but if you'd like to know more: www.rachidsabitri.com.