Are your goals "goal-worthy?"

I want to discuss the difference between setting a goal for something you want vs. setting a goal based on something that you’ve already been working toward. You know, even once we settle on a goal, it’s quite common to question whether it’s the best goal to be focusing on right now, especially if we have other things happening in our lives and careers. I remember a very specific example of coaching someone through this in one of my previous Path classes — Chris, who was setting a goal for his acting career. Chris had booked a handful of national commercials and he came to the Path Course ready to focus on booking jobs in tv and film, as well as commercials. When creating his one year goal, he was questioning whether or not there should be a part of his goal focused on booking more commercials. After I coached him in class, it became clear to Chris that focusing on commercials did not belong in his goal for this upcoming year. How did he know that this part of his goal was not goal-worthy?

What I shared with Chris and the whole class was this: just because he wasn't including commercials in his goal, that didn't mean that he wouldn't continue to audition and book them. The fact of the matter is, that part of his career was already set in motion. Because Chris came to the class with the intention of growing the tv and film side of his career, as far as commercials went it was really more about maintenance.

So, how do you know that every part of your goal is goal-worthy? If you think it will probably happen without you writing it down and making a concerted effort to plan for it, trust that and take it out of your goal for now. Ultimately, I always say that if it’s not absolutely necessary then it doesn’t belong in your goal. So, for Chris, it would've been nice to book more commercials, but that wasn't what the year was about for him. If it happened, great, but he wasn't going to go to great lengths to plan for it. When you look at your goal, you should want to go to great lengths to make each part of it happen — just like Elaine in that Seinfeld clip, using a screening process to make sure someone was "sponge-worthy" ;)

So, I want to do something different today and give you a small assignment: Take a look at your current goal and review it to make sure that every part of it is 100% goal worthy. This is such a simple and effective way to make sure you're on track and will give you a boost of confidence in knowing that you're focusing on the right things.


For those of you who don't know exactly what your goals are or need help clarifying them, this is the kind of goal work that we do in the Path Course (in fact, we just went through this in my current class!), and it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to goal setting and putting a career plan together. If you want to do more of this work in depth, we just announced a summer session beginning June 7th. Click here for more information. And have fun with your assignment!