Don't put your career in the corner

It’s here. Summer, glorious summer. I think it must be ingrained in us from having summer vacation for at least the first 18 years of our lives, but we generally have a natural tendency to check-out during this time of year. Auto-pilot season, as it were. Now, I’m all for having an extended period of time where we relax a bit more and take up a leisurely pace of life. In fact, it’s probably essential for self-care. But, there’s a difference between relaxing and completely disengaging. If life is going spectacularly for you and you can afford to drop out of it all for months at a time, then by all means — you do you (honestly, who wouldn’t love that luxury??). For everyone else, summer should really be about balance. Chill out, but keep an eye on the horizon.

Just like Baby, you can do a little work while still enjoying your summer vacation at the lake.

Just like Baby, you can do a little work while still enjoying your summer vacation at the lake.

This is actually easily accomplished. What I’m talking about here is not spending your summer working your butt off (unless you want to…again, you do you), but setting aside a specific amount of time every week to check in with your career. Maybe it’s 30 minutes every weekday morning. Maybe it’s an hour or two every Thursday. For my Path alum, this is basically your WAP (Weekly Action Plan); you old time Path-ers know this as your POW Time (Path Open Work Time). The point isn’t what you call it, but that you actually DO it — show up for yourself once a week for a little bit of time. The benefit of this low-key approach is that you’ll still be on top of things and have an easier time getting back into the full swing of it all once autumn comes around.

Plus, if some amazing opportunity comes around in the summer, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of it. Anyone who’s gone away for an extended trip and returned home the night before having to go back to work knows how difficult it can be to get reoriented. By spending just a small amount of time every week focusing on your career goals, you’ll be ready to spring into action if need be.

Keep your career in shape without sacrificing your suntan. Regardless of what you hear, you actually can have it all!