Coaching myself through an "I don't wanna" goal

Me coaching me. "Look, I'm wise to your ways, and I won't be distracted by a fancy hat. Stop whining and set your goals!"

Me coaching me. "Look, I'm wise to your ways, and I won't be distracted by a fancy hat. Stop whining and set your goals!"

I always tell my clients and students, I’m in this with you — working along side you (not above you) to reach my goals as well. So here I am to fess up — my LinkedIn profile page is shit. I have felt little to no interest in updating it in the past and honestly haven’t ever needed to for the success of my business — meaning most of my potential clients aren’t looking for me on LinkedIn, they are hearing about me through word of mouth.

As I was coaching a client on stepping up her game with her own marketing materials, she said that she believes if she cleaned up her LinkedIn profile page it would 100% help her get the valuable side-hustle job that she trusts would support her writing career for the next year or so as she works toward a career as a full-time writer.  

I got to thinking…maybe this belongs as a goal on my Path map. This year I’m interested in exploring the idea of becoming an in-house coach for a creative, progressive organization or company that values coaching for its employees, not necessarily at the corporate level, but perhaps so. Hence, a good idea to clean up my profile, right?

But I don’t wanna!” my inner critic whined. Then I started negotiating with myself…"Do I really have to? Maybe I can bypass this project to get this goal some other way?

For me, this would certainly be a time-consuming project to get it where I wanted it to be. I simply didn’t want to do it. But I also have learned that not wanting to do this is not a strong enough reason NOT to. In fact, all the meaningful goals that I have achieved I can track back and see that I had to move through some type of discomfort to reach them. This is where I full-on coached myself to get into action: 

Coach Betsy: So what, then, is underneath this discomfort?

Me (deep breath): I guess it’s the classic case of feeling overwhelmed by the bigness of this project.  And I don’t love writing about myself and my company.  I’d rather someone else do it for me. 

Coach Betsy: Then get help. How important is this to you, really?

Me (another deep breath + whiny sigh): It’s important. It’s just not the fun part of my job. 

Coach Betsy: So what? 

Me: Damn, you aren’t nearly as empathetic as you are with your clients!

Coach Betsy: Yeah, but you know you can do this.  Get some help. I don’t care what it is, just get it done and get it done right.  How will you feel once it’s completed?

Me: Proud, of course.

Coach Betsy: Cool. All right, you know the drill.  What will you do and by when?

Me (playfully reluctant + happy to be unstuck): I’ll do some research and find someone to help me clean this up. I will find my person to help me by next week and the goal is set to have my new LinkedIn profile page updated by May 23rd. I'll make a list of 20 other actions I can take to reach this goal.  

Coach Betsy: (thumbs up) Go get 'em! 

So there you have a little backstory on one of my upcoming goals. I figured I’d share it all with you to light the fire for me to complete this on time. And as I say to all my clients, once the goal is set and clear, it now becomes about the action plan and your ability to either stay the course (or course correct your plans if need be) while remaining committed (but not attached) to the outcome.  

Now it's your turn: What's your version of my LinkedIn goal? In other words, what's a goal you might not be in the mood to work toward, but you know would be great to accomplish?  Got yours? Okay, now coach yourself just like I did until you have at least 1 action you can take to get the ball rolling. A little secret: all we usually need is a nudge to get started on these "not so exciting, but ultimately important" projects, and then the work begins to take care of itself. Like I said, I'm right here along side you, so let's get to work!

ps. If you want to see a before/after of my LinkedIn profile, you can check out the BEFORE now…the AFTER on May 23rd!