You are overtired, overworked, and overwhelmed. 

(or at least 2 out of the 3) 


When my daughter Zoe was born almost 6 years ago, my life changed forever in the best way possible. I loved my work, but I LOVE being a mom. It’s my highest purpose in life. So when it came time to go back to work after Zoe was born, it was time to find a new relationship to my work.

We each need a set of personal ingredients to find that sweet spot of balance between working and parenting. The more I do the two things I love, parenting and coaching, the more I want to share what I’ve learned and developed over all these years with other moms who are looking to create more balance in their lives.

I think what we do every single day as moms is absolutely incredible. And I also know most of you are checking things off to-do lists constantly with no sense of relief. We offer another way to get focused and organized and, more importantly, we know it works. You support your family every day. Let us support you.

"Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent."
-Carl Jung

I care about you connecting back to your passions and living the most purposeful life you can. That’s why I’m teaching this course.

-Betsy Capes, co-founder/president of Capes Coaching

2 hours/week, all season long, for you to do NOTHING would be a gift in itself.

What if those 2 hours/week were spent devoted to establishing balanced, realistic, and attainable goals and plans for the next year of your life as a working mom?

Capes Coaching brings you the Mom’s Path Course, an eight-week online class designed for moms seeking a tangible plan to take their careers to the next level.  We've been exclusively teaching this course to artists and creative professionals for the past 15+ years and we are thrilled to once again offer this curriculum in a specially focused way for moms ready to re-energize their careers.


You will get the tools you need to stay grounded and focused, including: one-on-one guidance from an established professional coach, strategies for overcoming obstacles around goal-setting, time-management, productivity, mindset, networking and life/career balance, plus, support from a group of motivated moms, empowering you to refocus your career (and manage your home life) with clarity and purpose.

The result: You will learn how to take small, focused, daily action that is in direct support of your biggest, most exciting vision for your life and career as a working mom.

You show up for everyone, all the time.  Now it’s time to show up for yourself.


MOM’S Online PATH COURSE (8-weeks-2hrs/wk)

DATE/TIME: Sept 6th-Oct 25th / Fridays 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

*This class includes two 25-minute private coaching calls with your instructor to be held between classes 1-2 and classes 7-8. These calls will be scheduled the week before the course begins.

Price: $795

Two-Part Payment Plan Available

For more information about the Path Course, including the class breakdown and frequently asked questions, please visit our Path Course page.