The Path is an information-packed class designed to give you a comprehensive plan for your career. To create an active learning environment where you can get the most out of each class, the following policies apply to all participants:


As the Path Course has a “progressive” curriculum (i.e., each class builds upon the preceding classes), it is highly recommended that students attend every session. Should extraneous circumstances arise and you need to miss a class, contact your coach immediately for the class homework and a link to listen to the class recording.

 It’s important to remember that this is a live experience that you need to show up for, not a go-at-your-own-pace online class — your success will fully depend upon what you put into it. The class recordings should only be regarded as a final option and not as an alternative to the live experience.


Curriculum and Participation

The Path may address specific personal projects, business successes or general conditions in your life or profession. Further content may include identifying plans of action, examining modes of operating within the industry, career consulting, asking applicable questions, and making relevant requests. You acknowledge that your full cooperation and disclosure is necessary for maximum progress.

You acknowledge that your participation in class activities is strictly a voluntary decision. You further acknowledge and agree that Capes Coaching, Inc. its employees shall not be held liable for activities and decisions executed as a result of class content. If you believe the class is not working as desired, you will take responsibility for communicating this to the instructor and work toward finding a mutually acceptable solution. 



Information disclosed in classes and workshops, including but not limited to: Capes Coaching curricula, materials, and strategies, are the property of Capes Coaching and shall not be communicated or shared with third parties for the purpose of personal or third party education-related profit. Capes Coaching, Inc. may videotape, photograph, or otherwise record classes for the education of Capes Coaching, Inc. staff.

All information provided by you shall be kept strictly confidential by the coach and relevant Capes Coaching staff within the limits of the law. Should Capes Coaching, Inc. wish to disclose or disseminate information provided by you externally for the purposes of education, marketing, and/or publicity, you will be notified in advance.



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