The Path Course brings you from 'Almost' to 'Definite.' You will walk away with a structured year-long plan tailored to your specific goals through an immersive program led by an experienced coach dedicated to your immediate and long-term success.

You’ll get the tools you need to stay focused, strategies for overcoming obstacles, and support from a group of motivated artists, empowering you to manage your career with clarity and purpose.

Whether you're new to Capes Coaching or have taken the Path Course before, connect with the vision for what you want in your career, and get the tools you need to keep you going.

Capes Coaching president, Betsy Capes, talks about The Path Course.

Hear what Path alumni have to say about the Path Course.


We know — your friends have told you to take the Path, but you’re still wondering, “What actually HAPPENS in this course?” Here’s the soup to nuts breakdown...


In the first few classes we teach you our goal-setting process. We help you get clear on what your big vision is for your life and career and then we help you determine what you want the next year to be focused on and why you want it.


We put a great deal of emphasis on determining your authentic desires, versus what you feel like you should want, because after years of doing this work we know that you're most likely to succeed at reaching your goals when they are aligned with your true desires.

You will create a Path Map, which is a carefully constructed set of monthly goals that will support your One year Goal for each of your Tracks, which are the areas of focus for your life and career that you will choose to prioritize for the upcoming year.


Next we teach you our process for going after your goals. Now that you have your goals and you know what you want, it’s time to talk about HOW you will plan to go after them.

We know it’s all too easy to set goals and then end up taking random, unfocused action that can lead to nowhere. Instead, we teach you a process of planning and  and preparing  so that you take purposeful, specific, momentum-building action that is aligned with what you really want.  This is also when we will introduce Accountability — a key component of getting your goals. You will work with a variety of accountability partners throughout the course so you can determine what type of accountability best suits you.

Midway through the course is the the final step in the reverse engineering process, where we will examine how you are working toward your goals on a day to day basis. We look at a variety of aspects of time management, productivity, and habit formation, exploring your current work habits, as well as the success habits you want to create.


Once you have your goals and a solid process in place for planning and going after them, it will be time to focus on your head game — your MINDSET. We all get in our own way (you know this). Here is where we give you tips and tools for how to navigate when those pesky inner critics (those voices of fear and self-doubt in your head) creep up — we have some powerful tools for how to deal with them and keep them out of the way so you can stay on your Path.


We also address NETWORKING. At this point in the course you will be ready to focus on your outer world — your network. We will offer you strategies for authentic networking (not shmoozy and annoying) and connecting with people in your industry in a way that feels meaningful to you.

In the final class, we’ll give you a variety of tools that we have found essential to follow-through, and staying on your Path. The result of this process is that by the end of the course you will not only walk away with a master plan for the next year of your life, you will also know how to take small, focused, daily action that is in direct support of your biggest, most exciting vision for your life and career.

Phew. That was a lot, we know.

Still have a questions we haven’t answered? Have no fear! Our FAQ below has you covered.



After offering the Path Course exclusively to New Yorkers for the past 15 years, we're thrilled to announce the first major expansion for the course. The in-person NYC class is still being offered a few times a year, but we now offer an online version of the course — so you can take the class no matter where you live!

The Online Path Course takes place in a live, virtual classroom on Zoom. Classes are two-hours-long and are held on the same day and time every week. This version is open to anyone with a computer and internet access, regardless of where you live. 

Look, we could give you a million reasons to sign up for The Path Course. We could hit you with our best testimonials and our most impressive alumni. But it’s up to YOU to make this investment. An investment of your time. Of your finances. Of your energy. And we think you should. Because we think you’re worth it. Sign up for the upcoming Path courses and make your own dreams come true. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity but still have questions – we are here for you. 

Call us at 212.777.2270 and we will arrange a time to connect on the phone and answer any questions you have. 


There are no Path Classes scheduled for the remainder of 2019. To be the first to know when the 2020 Path Class Dates are announced, signup for the Path waitlist, below.

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For the ultimate one-on-one Path experience, we offer PRIVATE PATH, which combines the Path Course curriculum with the individual support and guidance of Private Coaching. Click here to learn more.


We now offer our Online Path Course specifically tailored to help working mothers establish balanced, realistic, and attainable goals and plans for the next year. Click here to learn more.



"The things that have happened...since I took The Path Class, I could have never even imagined. Now, when I set out to do something, my perspective on my work is different; I have a game plan, I'm in control, positive and confident in making things happen."

-Abbi Jacobson, co-creator/star of Comedy Central's Broad City

"Every single class empowers artists to create their own path and to know that their career is in their hands. That was the most valuable thing I learned – THE #1 thing!”

-Ilana Glazer, co-creator/star of Comedy Central’s Broad City


"Before taking the PATH class I had an idea of where I wanted my career to go, but I didn't know how to get there. This class helped me become very clear and focused with myself in a way that made me feel like I was working toward my goals, instead of hoping for my goals."    

-Sasheer Zamata, comedian / actress / writer (NBC's Saturday Night Live)


"I truly feel like none of this would have been possible without Capes Coaching. They're the ones who...were able to give me a blueprint that I could clearly follow and which was the formula to all the success that followed."

-Dan Avidan, singer / songwriter / comedian (member of Ninja Sex Party — had the #1 comedy album in America; co-host of Game Grumps)


"CLARITY. That's what working with Betsy and Capes Coaching is all about. Figuring out goals (from the smallest to the largest) and bringing them to fruition. And enjoying the ride along the way!"

-Michelle Hurst, actress (Netflix's Orange is the New Black)




Q: What if I miss a class? Do I need to attend every class?

A: The Path Course has a progressive curriculum, meaning that each class builds upon the curriculum from the preceding classes. Therefore, we highly recommend that students attend every class. That said, we do realize that things come up unexpectedly. With the in-person class, you will be able to connect with your fellow classmates to get any curriculum and homework that you missed. You also have the option to set up a private make up session with your instructor at an additional cost, schedule permitting. For the online class, you will be able to watch or listen to the class recording. However, these should only be considered as final options. If you know that you're going to miss more than two classes, you should wait to enroll in the course at a later date.

Q: If the online classes are recorded, why does it matter how many classes I miss?

A: The online course is a live experience that you need to show up for, not a go-at-your-own-pace course — your success will fully depend upon what you put into it. Again, the class recordings should only be regarded as a final option and not as an alternative to the live experience.

Q: Can I sit in on another class if I miss one of my own?

A: Unfortunately not. As the class dynamic is an intimate one, we find that students jumping into a different class for one session can disrupt the natural rhythms already established by a group of students.

Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A: The Path Course is an investment in YOUR future. It's a major commitment that you are making not to us, but to yourself. By signing up, you're sending a strong message that you're ready to devote the time and energy necessary to do this work for your career. In this spirit, we intend for you to honor that commitment; therefore all registrations are final and there will be no refunds given for cancellations. You can, however, transfer your payment to another Path Course date that works better for your schedule OR put the payment toward private coaching with us in the future.  

Q: Can I do a payment plan?

A: Yes — you may pay 50% of the course fee upon registration and 50% 30 days later. At the end of the registration form, you will be given the choice to pay in full (PAY NOW) or with the 2-part payment plan (PAY $422.50 DEPOSIT NOW). If you choose the latter, your credit card will automatically be charged for the remaining 50% 30 days later.

Q: What type of person is usually in the class?

A: This course tends to attract creative people who are driven and ready to commit to growing their business. If you are looking for a quick fix, sorry — not our jam.

Q: What if I’m not an artist?

A: That’s cool! Although we tend to attract creative professionals, we welcome students from “all walks of careers.” The work we do can apply to any type of career or profession.

Q: How many students per class?

A: In order to maintain an intimate class dynamic, we keep each class capped at 12.

Q: What if I’m interested in the Path Course, but also thinking about Private Coaching?

A: If we had our wish, everyone would go through the Path Course FIRST and then work with us privately — that’s how much we believe in this curriculum. That said, there are some instances where Private Coaching is a better fit for your needs, such as if you are looking for individual support in a specific area of your life or career (i.e. help with navigating relationship with your representation, or help making a specific career decision). Also, you can always do a private coaching session in addition to taking the Path Course, or after you complete the course.

Q: What if it’s too much for me with everything I have going on?

A: Only you will know what is too much for you, but considering that the purpose of this course is to help you focus and organize all you have on your plate and prioritize what REALLY matters, we think this work will focus you and get you feeling like your life is more manageable than before. And did we mention that you will have a guide? You don’t have to have it all figured out, you just have to show up ready to get to work and we take care of the rest.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Please click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation call and we’ll answer any questions that you may have about the Path Course.