"Before taking the PATH class I had an idea of where I wanted my career to go, but I didn't know how to get there. This class helped me become very clear and focused with myself in a way that made me feel like I was working toward my goals, instead of hoping for my goals. I also take advantage of the Private Coaching sessions and they have been immensely helpful. After every session, I'm amazed at how I still come away with new techniques to put into practice and help my creativity reach its full potential."

-Sasheer Zamata, comedian/actress/writer (NBC's Saturday Night Live)

"I've never thought of myself as the kind of person who needed a career coach. I'm determined, aggressive, and I generally go for things that I want. What Capes Coaching helped me realize was that in order for me to get what I want professionally, I have to define where I want to go and how to get there. As a result, I have accomplished all the goals we put in place and am in the process of setting new goals for things I couldn't have before even envisioned."

-Lennon Parham, co-creator/co-star of USA Network’s Playing House

"The things that have happened...since I took The Path Class, I could have never even imagined. Now, when I set out to do something, my perspective on my work is different; I have a game plan, I'm in control, positive and confident in making things happen."

-Abbi Jacobson, co-creator/star of Comedy Central's Broad City

"Every single class empowers artists to create their own path and to know that their career is in their hands. That was the most valuable thing I learned – THE #1 thing!”

-Ilana Glazer, co-creator/star of Comedy Central’s Broad City

"Capes Coaching has been a place I go to reset my thinking when I feel I am heading south or feel I am at a loss for the tools to take care of my career and, more importantly, myself. Sometimes one needs a vacation, or a workout, or a massage, or to be around loved ones; and sometimes, you just need a personalized session with Capes Coaching. I truly believe in Capes Coaching. It’s like career therapy!"

-Amir Arison, actor (NBC's The Blacklist and HBO's Girls)

"When I started private coaching with Betsy, my first goal was to quit my soul-sucking secretary job to focus on my comedy writing career. Since then, our calls have progressed from talking about part-time jobs to freelance comedy work to my first TV staff job to juggling multiple TV gigs to 'producer-level problems' to selling my first pilot! A coaching session with Betsy makes what I want in life — not just in my career — crystal clear and she helps me determine the steps to get there. I consider Capes Coaching to be one of the most important investments I've made in my professional life and I recommend her services to everyone who asks me for advice. Go, go, go!"    

-Alison Bennett, writer (FXX's You're The Worst; Comedy Central's Idiotsitter)

"CLARITY. That's what working with Betsy and Capes Coaching is all about. Figuring out goals (from the smallest to the largest) and bringing them to fruition. And enjoying the ride along the way!"

-Michelle Hurst, actress (Netflix's Orange is the New Black)

"I worked with Capes Coaching 6 months after the birth of my second son. My coach helped me establish balanced, realistic, and attainable goals in my new, "post-babies" professional life. She supported my need to first discover what I needed to do to feel confident and comfortable in my role as "working mom" — so that I could truly feel focused and prepared to WORK as a mom. We made an 18-month plan...and 16 months later I landed my first Broadway Play. Betsy sincerely wants to see her clients succeed...she is there to help you set yourself on the path to achieving your goals."

-Sandy Rustin, actress/playwright/creator of Rated P (for Parenthood), currently in development with ABC Studios

"I came to Capes Coaching at the height of my frustration with my career. Working with Capes Coaching has allowed me to turn my angst into motivation and my fear into courage."

-Natalie Gold, actress (Amazon Studios' Alpha House; HBO's The Leftovers;
FX's The Americans)